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Are Little Sleepies Worth It? Unbiased Little Sleepies Review

Are Little Sleepies pajamas worth it? Do they really last longer? While there are many bamboo baby clothes companies in the marketing, Little Sleepies were one of the first ones, and their products always sell quickly. Why? Because of some unique aspects of it.

Full disclosure: I wasn’t ever paid or given a sample of Little Sleepies, so this review is as objective as can be. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments 🙂

What We Like About Them

I used to own my bamboo baby clothing brand and therefore, I know the ins and outs of this textile industry. As a result, I made it my mission to try every single bamboo baby pajamas available on the market. As my business reasons collided with my kids being at a baby and toddler age I tested it all first hand.

My kids still wear various Little Sleepies pajamas and daywear. When you receive an order, you also get a discount coupon in the package for a future purchase (LSLOVESYOU) which is a good marketing tactic.

Little Sleepies offer footies and foldable rompers, both with two-way zippers. They have two-piece short and long-sleeved pajamas, some daywear, and depending on the collection matching PJS for parents.

I feel that their items are worth it if you like the pattern.

They do fit longer

When I first saw Little Sleepies baby onesie I instantly saw why people say that it fits longer: arms and legs were MUCH longer than any other bamboo brands. You can see claims that their 6-month-old still fits in 0-3 month size sleeper, but I’ll be real: we tried 0-3 on my 3-month-old and there was no way it fit him back then. It was huge.

That said, they ran big in pajamas. While they can stretch as well, sizing down is crucial either way. My son wore a newborn size in Little Sleepies romper until 7 months but only started fitting into their newborn size at 3 months.

solid bamboo pajamas from little sleepies
Solid pajamas from Little Sleepies tend to peel less than prints

Own designs

One of many people’s pet peeves is that many newer companies were using patterns purchased directly from Shutterstock. As a result, many people ended up disappointed that after buying pretty pricy outfits for their baby they wanted to show off, Walmart had the same pattern all over clothes and lunchboxes a month later.

This won’t happen with Little Sleepies as they have a dedicated team of designers. Every pattern is unique to Little Sleepies only.

Great for summers

We don’t even set our thermostat in the house lower than 76 in the summer. When we travel, places often don’t have AC at all. In bamboo pajamas my kids don’t get as hot as they do in cotton.

Obviously, if it’s over 90 degrees outside and sunny and your child is running around wearing a bamboo material, it won’t save them from sweating altogether. This simply isn’t possible. But, it helps a bit.

The total cost isn’t actually bad

The cost of Little Sleepies pajamas or other items is undeniably high. When I first saw the prices I thought that nobody sane would pay $34+ for a pajama for a baby or toddler who would grow out of it quickly.

However, I quickly discovered that the cost isn’t higher than if you bought some random, most often sprayed with toxic chemicals, pajamas at Walmart or Target. If you spend $10 or $15 for cheap kids pajamas your child might be wearing it for a few months before growing out of them. At this point, the chances are that these pajamas would shrink, potentially get scratchy, and peel enough that you can pass them on to another child or donate it.

Now, if you buy a bamboo baby pajamas you can easily resell it in Facebook groups or Mercari. Depending on the pattern you can sell used Little Sleepies pajamas for $15-25 a piece. See what I’m getting? It actually CAN be even cheaper than Walmart pajamas.

Easy for kids to dress/undress themselves

Sometimes I wanted my kids to be comfortable with and do themselves was dressing and undressing themselves ever since they turned 2. A child can’t undress from a tight-fitting cotton pajamas. Even I had issues removing them and it feels like I’m going to rip my child’s head off in the process.

In Little Sleepies it’s not an issue. The head opening is stretchy enough for my son to remove the top by himself.

Where are Little Sleepies Made?

Just like any other bamboo pajamas brand, Little Sleepies are made in China. It’s impossible to have bamboo fabric produced in the US due to regulations regarding the chemical process of producing rayon (I wrote more about it here).

The price of Little Sleepies is undeniably still high and unsurprisingly, many are wondering whether they’re worth buying, and whether little sleepies dupes exist. (They do actually – on Temu)

Cons and Complains of Little Sleepies Pajamas

Sizing is often weird

The first time I bought Little Sleepies daywear for my kids I automatically assumed that my items must have been mislabeled. It happens in production sometimes, so I exchanged it for a small size. Only to find out that it’s not the labeling issue, it’s the sizing problem that’s often inconsistent.

To say the shirts ran large would be an understatement. My son was in 4T and the shirt comfortably fit me. Me, as in 5’7 tall woman. I wish I took a photo when I tried it on.

As a result, I ordered 2T zipper jacket, trying to size down based on my experience. This piece on the other hand ran true to size and I had to return it as a result.

how long do little sleepies last
The Baby Yoda shirt my son is wearing is 2T. He’s 43″ tall and normally wears 5T size.

Darker colors peel easily

How long do Little Sleepies last? The crowds’ favorites are always Little Sleepies and Kyte Baby, but I must say that among any bamboo brands, they wash the worst of all.

They peel much more than any other brands like Bums and Roses or Posh Peanut, especially in darker colors.

little sleepies pajamas peeling

Designs feel a bit too pajamas like

It’s not an issue with small babies that wear footies or rompers all the time, but once the child can walk or even looks bigger, they’re expected to wear daywear.

Many parents like to wear bamboo pjs on smaller toddlers with a jacket outside, or even use a top as a t-shirt. We do this with some Posh Peanut or Free Birdees items, but it’s not working out with Little Sleepies.

Their patterns, while cute, instantly scream pajamas. My 6-month old son was wearing a short-sleeved pj top with joggers at a fair one day and even a worker commented “what a cute pajamas”.

Little Sleepies vs Kyte

Some might disagree with me, but despite some sizing flaws and peeling issues, Little Sleepies are better than Kyte Baby for a few reasons.

First and foremost, the head opening on Kyte isn’t as stretchy and my child can’t undress themselves. Even though my son still fits in his Kyte pjs we had to stop using it because getting his head out was painful.

Little Sleepies are never white, which is obviously a design choice. Kyte Baby is more of a subtle European style with small things on a white of off-white background, while Little Sleepies are more “in your face”. This has one advantage: stains.

It’s extremely hard to remove stains from white Kyte Baby. No matter what I do and what to try, a silly stain from spilled apple juice or milk just stays on the material. Many of our outfits looked awful after one accident and looked nasty like it wasn’t washed. This does not happen with Little Sleepies.

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