We are Anna Lisa, Matthew, Dylan and Holden.

We started this blog as a traveling family to share our unique perspectives from traveling and living in different countries. We want to encourage families to travel with kids and show them the world.

Anna Lisa is originally from Poland. While she had different jobs and life experiences over the years, she’s been running one of the top female travel blogs in the world – Anna Everywhere for the past decade.

Matthew is a fellow entrepreneur and owner of one of another top travel blogs – Expert Vagabond, which ultimately allowed us to travel and live abroad.

Our parenting adventures started in 2019 when we became parents of Dylan, born in Poland while we lived in Italy. The little traveler got his first passport at just 5 days old and took his first flight at only 14 days.

In 2021, we became parents again (having 2 under 2 as a result) when Holden was born in Mexico.

We continued to travel with kids, testing a crazy amount of travel strollers, baby gear and toys. At some point we even started producing our own line of toys and bamboo baby clothes.

Adventures don’t end when you have kids, they only become more pure by seeing the world through your kids eyes this time.

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Every post on this site is written either by Anna or Matthew. We feature affiliate links and only work with brands and/or links to items that we personally know and want to endorse. Expedition Parenthood occasionally receives brand sponsorships for mentioning products and services, but this will be disclosed.