Best Camping Sleeping Bags For Kids, Toddlers and Babies

Going camping with kids or sending your little one for a first sleepover? There are hundreds of sleeping bags for kids on the market and they are definitely not all created equal – or serving the same purpose.

You may think the most important part of camping is getting outdoors and having the biggest campfire, making delicious smores, or having epic adventures. While these things are memorable, the key to a successful camping trip with kids is everyone staying warm and comfortable, and getting sleep.

Camping Sleeping Bags For Kids

Best Overall Sleeping Bags for Kids, Toddlers, and Babies:

  1. Best Sleeping Bag for a Baby or Toddler: Big Mo
  2. Best for Older Kids: Big Agnes
  3. Best Budget | Summer Sleeping Bag: Coleman Kids 50
  4. For sleepovers: Wildkin
  5. Wearable Bag: Selk Bag

How often and where do you intend to use the kids sleeping bag?

Before making any decision about a sleeping bag for kids, ask yourself how often you’re planning on using it.

The less expensive bags are still great quality and come in warm ratings, but they are usually bulkier and heavier. If this doesn’t bother you and you don’t need to hike much, then it may not be worth it to splurge on an ultra-lightweight bag.

You don’t want a bulky or heavy sleeping bag if you’re going backpacking with kids and carrying the equipment in your backpack – along with a child in their hiking carrier.

If you are planning on using the sleeping bag often, then I would highly recommend shedding a bit more money and going for a really high-quality bag. It will pay for itself in no time.

But, if you’ll use a kids sleeping bag only occasionally, then buying high-end gear, just for it to spend most of its time in a box in your basement, isn’t the best idea.

What temperature should a sleeping bag be?

First, what is the low temperature at night where you are going? Sleeping bags are rated by weather, going from -40 to +55 degrees Fahrenheit.

In my experience, it’s better to be prepared for colder temperatures when camping with kids. You can always unzip the sleeping bag, or take off layers of clothes, but it’s harder to add warmth.

I have found sleeping bag ratings to always favor colder ratings. Since we used to live in a mountainous area of Utah) and don’t want to buy more than one sleeping bag per family member, we only purchased sleeping bags with a temperature rating of 20 degrees or less.

Make sure when looking up sleeping bags that you always check the rating! Some descriptions will use terms such as “cold weather camping” but when you look at the rating it’s designed for, it’s most definitely not cold weather appropriate.

Buyer’s Guide: Sleeping Bags for Kids

baby and toddler camping in a tent

Best Sleeping Bag for a Baby or Toddler: Big Mo

The Morrison sleeping bags are a must-have if you have a baby or a toddler and will be sleeping in colder temperatures. They will keep your little one toasty all through the night.

Both of our kids love their bags and during the winter they even requested to sleep in them in their own beds.

The company’s trade-in program allows you to exchange your Big Mo bag for a bigger one, once your toddler grows out of it.

Best for Older Kids | Coldest Weather: Big Agnes

The Big Agnes is rated for 15 degrees, which is what I buy for my kids to ensure maximum warmth. It is also the coldest approved sleeping bag on this list.

Each size has a strap that allows you to adjust width and length, which is really handy if you want to size down or up and make it snugger.

One of my favorite features is a sleeve on the back of the sleeping bag that fits over a sleeping pad to ensure it stays on the pad.

Most Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Kids: Coleman Kids 50

Sleeping bag quilts are a good option for summer camping. They can open all the way turning the sleeping bag into a duvet allowing your child to control the temperature and avoid overheating.

Coleman is a well-established brand that offers great camping products at affordable prices. It’s affordable and packs small, which is exactly what you need.

Sleeping Bags for Kids Sleepovers: Wildkin

Wildkin brand always makes the kiddos happy, whether it’s sleeping bags, lunch boxes, or backpacks. These bags are small and designed to accommodate many comfortable sleeping positions, without constricting the movements of your kid.

These bags aren’t made of slippery material on top, so the bag doesn’t slip off the child. It’s a semi-soft fleece lining inside and cotton outside.

Wearable Camping Bag: Selk Bag

A sleeping bag doesn’t get any more snug if you can literally wear it around and wear to the campfire. Don’t worry, Selk Bags are machine washable.

This is a great option for kids who move around a lot in their sleep. A regular mummy-type bag might be uncomfortable for them constricting their movements.

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