Let us help you plan your perfect trip! If you can’t join one of our group trip adventures for whatever reason, we can still help you plan your next great family holiday!

Anna Lisa & Matthew have over 15 years of travel experiences behind their belts. They traveled to over 100 countries and over 35 with children, often visiting multiple times or staying in places for a while. Over the years they’ve been constantly approached by travel agencies asking to give them tips and contacts for places they knew better than the travel agents themselves.

This is why they are now offering travel planning services including:

  • phone call to discuss your needs
  • PDF custom itinerary for you

Within 1 week, you will receive a detailed PDF with proposed activity options and itinerary, best accommodations, food recommendations, contact to local guides if needed, and transport options. For family trips, we will also send recommended packing items and advise on the best experiences.

Cost: $150 USD

Email at: expeditionparenthood.contact(dot)gmail(dot)com | Subject: “travel planning request”