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Are Bamboo Baby Clothes Good for Traveling? Our Favorite Brands

You only have a limited time to dress your baby in what you life before you start wearing shirts with superheroes, or dress like Princesses. This is why when a friend introduced me to bamboo baby clothes I mostly tried because of the prints… but, I got hooked because of the fabric itself.

Why trust me with my opinions on bamboo baby clothes? I’ve been on a mission to find the best bamboo baby pajamas and even had my own bamboo brand for a while, so I truly dug into it every single detail of the fabric, production and what any bamboo brand was doing.

I can tell you who makes the best bamboo baby clothes, what to consider when buying, or whether Little Sleepies and Kyte are truly the softest brands. 😉

A baby wearing Bums & Roses bamboo baby onesie, sitting on the table

Are Bamboo Clothes Worth the Price?

You won’t find bamboo clothes at Target, but some local small boutiques usually sell them. They undeniably come with a heavier price tag and are considered a luxury item.

The first time I saw the price of bamboo clothes I was shocked. Why would so many people want to pay about $40 for clothes their babies and kids would grow out of so quickly?

However, I have found that they have great resale value and you can usually sell them for about 50-75% of the original price (or even more if the print is desirable). Basically, after your child grows out of them it ends up being the same price as cheap baby clothes.

Are Bamboo Clothes Good for Traveling?

Bamboo clothes are not only breathable, babies don’t get sweaty in them, it’s better for baby eczema, but also last longer due to stretch. Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic.

Bamboo fabric was the perfect light fabric in the summer and a comfy option to wear on a flight. In the winter, it was the perfect base layer under a snowsuit.

Most importantly, bamboo was also easy to handwash in the sink on our travels. The fabric dries much quicker than cotton, which is extremely convenient for us, who often travel with just carry-ons. I could wash it and leave it to air-dry in the bathroom.

Once you pass the baby stage and enter toddlerhood, your little one will want to be more and more independent. Any good pajamas that aren’t sprayed with toxic flame retardants are snug-fitting due to regulations, but bamboo fabric is very stretchy which allows my kids to be able to dress and undress by themselves.

It’s a huge deal when traveling when my toddlers can put pajamas on by themselves, or simply pull their pajama pants down easily when going to the bathroom. Any cotton pajamas weren’t stretchy enough and needed some work when putting it on and taking it off.

Two toddlers, dressed in Bums & Roses bamboo pajamas are playing with the nugget coach

My Favorite Bamboo Baby Brands:

NOTE: There are various cheaper products out there and there’s nothing wrong with them – in fact, they’re products from the same fabric as others but don’t promote their label much. Some call them Little Sleepies dupe, but they’re just as legit as anything else.

The most popular brand Vaenait Baby had all types and colors of pajamas, but they really only have very limited small short bamboo pajamas as they seem to switch to the modal fabric. Modal is an excellent fabric, just as soft as bamboo viscose/rayon but much more durable so you might want to give it a try as well.

1. Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies is currently one of the most popular companies. They sell online at many boutiques. Their sizing runs large, especially in rompers so keep it in mind.

Little Sleepies have a loyal following and all their designs are created by in-house artists, which is a nice touch. I don’t necessarily love all their loud designs, but it’s a personal preference.

Their Disney options are getting more and more popular, and they started adding plenty of daywear options. Otherwise, my boys wanted to wear their cute clothes in public and you could clearly see that they were pajamas.

Two little kids eating mickey mouse shaped waffle wearing baby yoda disney themed bamboo shirt

2. Bums & Roses (formerly Little Bum Bums)

I hopped on Bums & Roses wagon pretty much since the company existed. Their patterns are often edgy and they restock the popular ones, which is amazing.

Our blankets from Bums & Roses are still going strong after 2 years, even though they get a lot of usage around the house. A part of me wishes they were selling bigger blankets, because I would have totally one for myself.

One thing I do love the most from LBB are their women’s pants – they’re super comfy in the waist and unlike some others can fit comfortably every body shape.

A child sitting in the sink in his bamboo pajamas

3. Kyte Baby

Kyte is many parents’ favorite brand because of its simple, yet stylish prints and availability of simple solid rompers. Their prints are slightly “European delicate style” most of the time as it’s just solids and small things on a white background which is quite transparent if a child is wearing a diaper that’s not blank white.

Kyte Baby clothes contain 97% of viscose from bamboo, vs 95% for other companies. You might not see the difference, but it makes the fabric slightly thinner and softer.

It also leads to some faster peeling (but nothing that a fabric shaver can’t solve).

Kyte patterns are mostly white or light-colored which makes it much more transparent and more pajama-looking than other brands.

A baby sleeping in a bassinet, wearing a bamboo sleep sack from Kyte Baby

4. Free Birdees

Free Birdees is a relatively small shop with cute designs, mostly watercolor-type prints.

Free Birdees clothes tend to run on the smaller side. Footies hold up for a long time with minor peeling, so I’ll definitely be buying more but sizing up (Holden was 5 months old when he was wearing 6-12m and it was a tight fit on him). The material is thicker which is great in terms of potential holes and durability, but it does have less stretch and thinner bamboo.

It’s also the only brand in which my husband agreed to match with me and the kids, as it’s not too cartoonish looking.

It’s the only brand I end up buying bed sheets from. All our crib sheets and now twin sheets from other brands got destroyed faster, but 2 years later they’re holding up well and still fit the mattress properly without being overstretched.

A baby dressed in bamboo baby clothes

5. Little Crowns & Capes

The newest company Little Crowns & Capes has wonderful prints that bring childhood memories but aren’t too much “in your face” with an overload of color and design.

If I had to pick just one brand whose designs I adore Little Crowns & Capes would be the one. They’re subtly bringing your childhood memories with maps of Neverland or Hundred Acre Woods from Winnie the Pooh, or stylish Rapunzel and Alice in Wonderland inspired patters.

It’s also one of the thickest bamboo fabric on the market with non-existent peeling.

The pajamas tend to run slightly longer and thinner, but nothing that would stop me from buying more!

6. Muse Threads

Muse Threads is one of my favorites recently due to its bold and colorful, yet not cheesy or too busy designs. Their designs are very edgy and artistic, so it’s not for everyone, but it will make you stand out for sure!

They have a small inventory, but I love their products (and they’re expanding) and the quality is THE best in the bamboo world, objectively speaking.

A baby sleeping under a blanket at a zoo

7. Dreamiere (formerly Dream Jamms)

Dreamiere makes designs for both boys and girls, which is extremely rare among bamboo brands as almost all cater to mostly girls.

The material feels thicker than most brands (you cannot really see it with the naked eye, but if you look into the technical features of the material then you’ll know), so it’s a huge plus.

We have a bunch of daywear from Dreamiere and I rarely experience any peeling, even with darker prints that tend to peel faster.

8. Birdie Bean

Birdie Bean offers an assortment of bright and colorful prints for babies and toddlers. They design them in-house, and add special fun parts like dragon scales or hoods. It makes their items more unique.

I love their prints. They’re bright and unique, yet not too busy or awkward and never had any issues with quality.

A baby sitting up in front of a lake in El Salvador

9. Sleepy Sloth

Sleepy Sloth is a little-known company as it’s relatively new, but it’s had a strong fan base pretty much ever since they started. Their prints are original, in terms of designs and patterns (we love the skunks or hippos in tutus!).

They recently started collaborations with brands like Pete the Cat or Eric Carle. Their clothes fit just perfectly and are true to size for us. The zippies and two-piece jammies aren’t too tight either, which is a huge plus.

10. Amazon

These days you can find bamboo baby onesies and pajamas on Amazon. Two leading brands sell on Amazon and while they don’t offer many new and exciting prints, if you care for the fabric it’s a nice and slightly more affordable option.

Additional choices:

We also tried a bunch of other brands, which don’t make our top 10 choices (often for not catering to boys at all), but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t recommend it.

We occasionally bought Posh Peanut, Bellabu Bear, Hanlyn Collective, Angel Dear, Lev Baby, and various others. You can get various brands (some brands release boutique special editions only) from boutique stores:

A mother and a baby sitting on the grass looking at plymouth rock chickens

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