Is Bums and Roses Bamboo Any Good? My Unbiased Review

Bums and Roses, formerly named Little Bum Bums, is a bamboo baby clothing retailer that grew very quickly a few years ago. Originally, they were very similar to Posh Peanut brand as they were made in the same factory, but they eventually turned into having their own style with bold prints and catering to both genders.

Here’s everything to know before buying Bums and Roses before purchasing from them.

Is Bums & Roses Any Good? My Honest Review

What We Like About Them: Bums and Roses Review

Fit is great

I have to say that we purchased some of the earliest designs from Bums and Roses and the fit was tricky. The waist was too tight and bulky and items were incredibly tight fitting.

Thankfully, the sizing issue got fixed (saying it as if you stumble upon one of the earliest prints, still under the previous name, you might encounter this) and I absolutely love the fit.

I actually loved that their rompers only have foldover mittens only to 3-6m size, because it made larger sizes less tight in wrists.

All items we tried run true to size and we never had any issues that someone was extremely oversized, as I encountered with Little Sleepies when I bought my son a 4T shirt and it somehow fit me.

Bums and Roses Review
Bums and Roses Review


Honestly, I’ve never had an issue with Bums and Roses quality. Anti-slip features always held up on footies. No item peeled ridiculously. In fact, most of our items looked like new after a while.

I could easily resell my kids’ clothes from Bums & Roses bamboo on Mercari because they look barely used.

Boy Designs

It’s a well-known fact most bamboo clothes companies cater only to girls. I get why, because girl moms buy more than boy moms so there are more business opportunities. Most companies will occasionally throw one-off boy design, quite often very stereotypical with cars, dinosaurs, or balls, and that’s it.

Bums and Roses has always been consistent with gender-neutral collections and always had choices for boys. Most importantly, they’re often quirky choices that my son absolutely loves as he’s not into sports or cars.

Bums and Roses bamboo daywear

Cons and Complains of Bums & Roses Bamboo Pajamas


As someone who knows and ins and outs of bamboo baby clothes production, because I had my bamboo brand for a while, I’m very critical of bamboozling people with false advertising about bamboo.

I actually even had a call with the brand at some point and mentioned it to them, but it seemed to me that the founders just don’t care that they’re misleading customers with specific wording on their website about bamboo being antifungal, hypoallergenic, or being recommended over cotton by doctors.

While pure bamboo is indeed antimicrobial and antifungal viscose from bamboo (the fabric used for clothes) loses these features in the material production process.

Baby wearing Skeletons in the closet romper from Bums & Roses bamboo brand

Prints Can be a Hit or Miss

One look at Bums and Roses will tell you that these prints aren’t calm and delicate, like Kyte or any European brands. They’re bold, they’re loud, and usually colorful.

It’s obviously not for everyone, but my issue was that a lot of prints were basically a Shutterstock pattern. I bought the Skeletons in the Closet outfit for my son, and a month later I found a cheap shirt in the same pattern at Walmart.

Thankfully, the newer prints are altered and more original, but it’s something to pay attention to in older prints.

Bums and Roses vs Posh Peanut

Both brand are very similar in terms of quality, design, and how they fit. I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, but personally I’ll go with Bums and Roses due to more options for boys.

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