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Tips on Formula Feeding When Traveling Abroad

Should you bring baby formula for your trip? Is tap water safe for formula feeding when traveling abroad?

As our kids were both born in different countries, they pretty much since they were born. By 2 months of age they were already on 3 continents. We often traveled to remote places and had to adjust to “local style” when it came to baby feeding.

While it might seem stressful, it made our kids more flexible and adjustable. Here are my best tips on formula feeding when traveling abroad.

Formula Feeding When Traveling Abroad

Bringing Own Baby Formula vs. Buying Formula Abroad

Technically, you can bring your own baby formula for a week-long stay somewhere, but it becomes a pain if you need to bring supplies for longer stays or multiple children.

There are some people out there who bring their own formula, their diapers and wipes, or even laundry capsules, or even those who drag their Snoo with them. All to create the same exact environment for the baby as at home.

These people usually give up on traveling with kids very early on, because it’s a pain in the butt to drag so many things with you. Not to mention experiencing the unexpected issues if a suitcase with all the formula and diapers gets lost by the airline if you’re flying with baby formula

I always recommend bringing a supply of formula for a few days. If you can bring a larger can of formula, then do it, but don’t stress if you run out either! Babies all over the world are fed, so you will be able to find formula for them.

If it’s a completely new formula your baby might fuss at the first feeding, but eventually get used to it. We switched formulas based on the location if needed and there was always an option anywhere.

Trust me, I even found perfect cans of European formula at a little grocery store in the extremely remote desert town of Agadez in Niger, or at a market in Nuku Hiva island (if you don’t know where these places are that’s exactly my point – even at the most remote locations there is always something).

Baby products in Mexico
Baby product selection at the store in Mexico

Is Tap Water Safe for Baby?

Is tap water safe for baby when traveling with baby formula? It honestly depends on the country, but I’m not a true fan of tap water regardless of the destination, so we always opted for bottled water.

If you have no choice and must use safe tap water boil it.

There’s no reason to buy distilled water for formula. 99% of people around the world, don’t do it so don’t stress about it!

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