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Is Albee Baby Legit and Safe? My Buyer’s Experience

When I first stumbled upon Albee Baby I was convinced they were a scam, simply because their prices were listed much lower than any other retailer. It just seemed too good to be true!

But, the website seemed real and I wanted a Cybex car seat in a specific design that was $200 less on Albee Baby, so I decided to give it a go.

Since then, I purchased multiple strollers, car seats and accessories, and can attest that Albee Baby is legit.

Stroller from Albee Baby
My Joolz Aer stroller purchased on Albee Baby

How is Albee Baby Cheaper?

Unlike Rebelstork which allows reselling a product, Albee Baby is a certified retailer. The items aren’t used in any way.

How are they able to sell the same items for less? Albee Baby gets end-of-the-stock, actual overstock and earlier models that aren’t sold in stores anymore.

For example, when I bought my Cybex Cloud Q car seat it was 40% cheaper than anywhere else. It was a brand new car seat in an unopened box.

I also noticed that one of the best strollers on the market, Cybex e-Priam, is often on sale and you can buy it from them in certain colors for as little as $599-699. For a stroller that costs over $1500 normally it’s truly a steal!

The car seat I purchased was simply an earlier series of the same model, which shortened the car seat expiry date by a year. Considering that this particular car seat is valid for 7 years, it wasn’t an issue at all, as I could have had multiple kids in it before the end date.

My Experience Purchasing

After purchasing my first car seat from Albee Baby I honestly forgot about the company as I didn’t needed any new baby gear.

However, after my second baby grew up, I realized that I needed a second travel stroller and a stroller wagon for our escapades. This is how I truly discovered how good Albee Baby can be for buying baby gear.

I picked a new travel stroller and a wagon. While the Wonderfold wagon was priced the same as anywhere else, Joolz Aer was on sale when I wanted to buy it. It was also advertised as “double points promo” and it made a huge difference…

Albee Baby purchases

Albee Baby Reward Program

These days every company offers some sort of reward program. It’s not unusual to get 10% off your first purchase, a certain amount off for referring people, but most of the time the discount isn’t particularly significant.

I put the seasonal promo code at check out that automatically gave me 20% off my purchase, so I wasn’t expecting much more from my points after just one car seat purchase.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that when I bought the car seat it was also a triple promo and I got extra points for being referred by someone. I had points enough for another $100 discount!

My order arrived much quicker than expected, as everything was shipped the same day and overnight. Boxes were intact and I had a brand-new wagon and stroller for much less.

Since then I must admit that I was hooked on Albee Baby. Not everything was always cheaper due to seasonal promos from other stores, but I always made sure to check their website.

When we needed new covers for our Babyzen Yoyo stroller, once again I turned to Albee as they were still selling the limited edition color packs. You couldn’t get them anywhere else apart from resellers on eBay charging extravagant amounts for it, but I got my bright pink covers for a standard retail price.

Is Albee Baby Legit then?

That said, Albee Baby is 100% a safe retailer. It’s a fantastic website to buy baby gear from if you want to save some money.

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